• Doing our part to save energy

    In a world where global warming is a real consideration, we all need to be more conscious of how we use energy – and companies, due to their size and energy consumption, often contribute more to Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. RGM has therefore introduced a simple, but effective measure to minimize the effect our buildings […]

  • Are you stressed out?

    If you are, you’re not doing yourself or your productivity any good. Stress affects your health, your relationships, your sleep patterns, your outlook on life, even the quality of your work performance – and while you may not be able to avoid it altogether, you can learn how to handle it effectively.

  • Water, Water, Everywhere?

    A reliable water supply has never been a problem in any of RGM’s buildings, but the reality is that it is a precious commodity that still needs to be conserved, especially in today’s ecologi- cal climate. Here are a few easy steps you can take to help: 1. Don’t be a runaway. Leaving the water […]

  • Newtown Centre: town, made new

    RGM’s newest project is making businesspeople rethink the concept of “town”. A stone’s throw from downtown Port of Spain, Newtown Centre is all about conducting business in a more convenient fashion – located along Maraval Road just south of the Queen’s Park Savannah, the property has a friendly, almost neighbourhood-type atmosphere about it, yet is […]

  • Safety First

    Accidents in the workplace are more common than you might think, often resulting in serious injury that may involve mutilation, lifestyle-altering effects or even death.

  • Who We Are – Issue 01 – June 2009

    Welcome to the inaugural issue of the RGM cornerstone

  • We’ve got space!

    Is your business expanding? Do you have a colleague or professional associate who needs a new office address? You know from experience that RGM is a great landlord, so why not consider any of our new locations?