• Be a Conservation Nation

    There’s a common misconception that we only need to conserve water during the dry season, but nothing could be further from the truth. The world water council says that projected global population growth over the next 50 years – when coupled with the effects of industrialization and urbanization – will put even more stress on the demand for water and have serious environmental consequences.

  • You Spoke; We Listened! the results of the rgm tenant survey

    For the first time, RGM undertook a tenant satisfaction survey, an exercise which we intend to continue annually as part of our service evaluations. while we did not get the volume of responses we were hoping for, we certainly received some useful feedback that we hope will make an immediate impact in how we deliver service.

  • Princes Court: Taking its place in history

    Princes Court, the premier RGM property situated on Keate street in Port of Spain, is a valuable addition to an area that is steeped in history.

  • Dealing with Dengue Fever

    Practically every part of Trinidad and Tobago seems to have an abundance of mosquitoes these days – which is an annoyance in and of itself – but irritation soon turns to danger when those striped aedes aegypti carry the dengue virus, one of four virus sub-species that cause dengue fever. With newspaper headlines reporting record numbers of deaths from dengue fever recently, it makes sense for you to understand the risks and what you can do to lessen the probability of you or your loved ones contracting the disease.

  • Introduction – Issue 03 – June 2011

    In our first issue of the RGM cornerstone, we promised that this was going to be a tenant newsletter with a difference!