How We Work

While you can certainly feel secure in knowing that RGM is an actual “bricks and mortar” company, its structure is fluid, even virtual. This gives us flexibility in responding to the needs of our market as well as the ever-changing business environments in the real estate and construction sectors.

We subscribe to the segregated package form of construction management which allows us to select the best vendor for each project component. Outsourcing to trusted professional consultants (from design and construction of new projects to maintenance of completed buildings) makes it much easier for us to identify and remedy potential problems before they have full impact.

The combined experience of our shareholders also lends a unique perspective to projects.

Guardian Holdings Limited has revolutionsed the way people live and work in our home base of Trinidad and Tobago — exclusive. high-rise offices and apartment complexes offer both security and a sense of community.

Sagicor Life Inc. has been involved in regional real estate development in the commercial, residential, and hospitality arenas for decades.

RBC Merchant Bank Limited has shaped financial structures for a myriad of high-profile development projects from one end of the Caribbean to the other.


    Modern and geometric in design, with beautiful Savannah views, the building is in a prestigious location, conveniently located...


    We are an established company, backed by the strength of our three shareholders


    RGM is committed to providing a safe working environment for all our employees, clients


    What We Offer RGM's primary product is A-class office space, leased over the 'medium- to long-term’'