RGM is committed to providing a safe working environment for all our employees, clients, contractors and any parties who may be affected by our operations.

While we always meet the required HSSE standards in the jurisdictions and sectors where we operate, our goal is to surpass them. All our employees and contractors must adhere to RGM’s Safety Management System, whereby work processes must meet our site requirements and al personnel must be properly trained and permitted. When applicable, all incidents and near misses are reported, investigated, documented, and measures implemented to avoid similar occurrences. We continuously monitor our system and find ways to improve lt.

We are proud to host multinational energy companies with stringent HSSE standards, who push the envelope on HSSE and keep us at our best. Key to this process is the self-regulation and oversight which RGM maintains by having independent safety experts constantly monitor our policies and procedures and address incidents in real time. We undertake regular safety audits of our properties and receive regular documented reviews from our internationally-accredited Consultant. We maintain dedicated on-site Health and Safety Officers whose only job is to ensure compliance with the HSSE standards and that al works conducted on our sites are subject laoa strict evaluation, monitoring and review process.

In today’s world, the safety and health of the human resources is no longer a basic requirement, it is a business priority. Only when people feel safe and secure, can they be comfortable and productive in their space.


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