We wanted it to be an interactive communication tool between you, the people who rent space and work in our buildings, and us, the ones you rely on to help make your day-to-day professional lives easier, more pleasant and productive.

We begin, against the backdrop of our capital city’s continued development, by taking a look back at the history of the Princes Building (where NAPA now stands) and explain how one of our commercial rental properties, Princes Court, pays homage to this lost architectural gem. We focus on your health by offering solid advice about how to protect yourself against dengue fever and also offer tips on how to conserve water – they’re easy to follow and they have a positive impact on our environment.

With each newsletter we have published, we have asked you for feedback and kept you abreast of developments that affect you as tenants of our properties. In this issue, we are happy to share with you the results of our recent Tenant Survey! We were so pleased with the level of responsiveness that we received – your candour and honesty in answering our questions have been invaluable in helping us to understand where we are coming up short and to find ways in which to serve you better. This issue has a summary of the results of that survey, which we’re sure you’re excited to read!

We hope that this edition of The RGM Cornerstone is one that you will enjoy – and of course, give us your feedback about!