In this special edition of our newsletter, we wanted to update you on the progress of our new corporate space, Savannah East, which is due to be ready for rental by the third quarter of next year. Considering that this landmark property is earmarked to be the first LEED certified green building in Trinidad and Tobago, we thought you would appreciate our energy and money saving strategies on how to have a green Christmas.

Of course, Christmas goes hand in hand with buying presents, so we’ve updated our annual shopping safety tips and included safety ideas for when you’re on the road and at home. The corporate gift giving landscape has also changed, thanks to new global guiding principles on ethics and best practice, so we offer you a different perspective on proper gift exchange etiquette.

We’ve noticed that corporate construction projects have restarted in many parts of Port of Spain, and take the opportu- nity to examine why this could be a good thing for the national economy.

Finally, we’ve selected a few inspirational quotes to remind you that Christmas is much more than what the marketing machines tell us it is.

Merry Christmas to all and best tidings for the season!