One of the design elements that make all our buildings as elegant as they are is the artwork, which is why this edition of The Cornerstone features a story on key pieces of outstanding local art in each of our locations.

No matter how aesthetically pleasing our buildings are, however, they must also work well for the people who use it, so in anticipation of our first green certified building at Savannah East, we take a look at LED lighting options for the office and why they make good business sense.

Of course, we couldn’t publish this issue of our newsletter without acknowledging the 2014 World Cup, scheduled to kick off in Brazil on June 12 – but instead of predicting winners, we look at the ways in which the host country has tackled the event’s developmental needs, constructing stadia and other supporting structures to cater to the massive influx of football fans that will descend on the country over the next month.

Speaking of support structures, RGM has revamped its website ( to be a lot more user – and search engine optimization – friendly! Its style is much more reflective of our design sensibility and the site will be updated with regular blog posts and PDF versions of the newsletter – another step in the right direction when it comes to environmental consciousness.

Log on and check it out – we’d love to hear your feedback.