The most forthcoming tenants were from Albion Plaza, where a whopping 47.8% of the respondents answered our questionnaire
Queen’s Park Plaza tenants were next, with 26.1% and there was a tie for third place between Isthmus Court and Newtown Centre, both coming in at 21.7%
Appearances and Aesthetics
When asked to rate the appearance of the properties, most responses put RGM in the range of 2.3 to 3.3 on the scale, where a 3.5 rating is highest. Tenants were most pleased with the cleanliness of windows, the Building Directory and maintenance of the common areas.
Property Features
There was a wide range of answers in this section, with average ratings coming in between 1.75 and 3.2 on a scale of 0 to 3.5. In terms of value, air conditioning rated highest, followed by customer parking and freight elevators. Building locations scored the lowest and there was a clear need to improve our after-hours access.
Facilities Team
The rating of our Facilities Management Team ranged between 2.2 and 3.3; RGM is pleased that you favourably viewed our problem resolution skills and willingness to keep you happy, both of which scored highest.
High Maintenance
In rating our maintenance service, the general indication was
that we respond to requests in a timely manner and fulfill those requests satisfactorily! However, there were some clear areas for improvement and the survey results have inspired some initiatives that should make an immediate impact.
While the survey showed that tenants feel the security staff are knowledgeable about their jobs, we scored lower than we’d like (2.6 to 2.72) in areas like responsiveness, profes- sionalism, accessibility and appearance. This is definitely an area for improvement that we are acting on immediately.
Highly Recommended
As a real estate provider, one of the most satisfying statis- tics for us was that 85.7% of you would recommend our properties to others.
Better Building Amenities
From more pleasant landscaping to fixing water woes, recycling options to handling parking overflow, 92.9% of you felt we could improve certain building amenities.
Bright Ideas
Many people shared suggestions about how to improve our service:
– Improve communication between tenants and Facilities
– Become more eco-friendly
– Look closely at value for money