Savannah East
a preeminent business address

savannah east

Port of Spain, Trinidad’s vibrant capital city, continues to be the financial and business capital of the English-speaking Caribbean. Now, there is a state-of-the-art, “green”, A-class office space to match the country’s reputation for doing business – Savannah East. The property is a signature address, with modern design and technology, located on the eastern side of the Queen’s Park Savannah.

As a commercial real estate development company, RGM produces premier buildings, designed to meet international standards for finish, function, services, safety, and convenience. This building is our seventh commercial development in Trinidad and Tobago.

Savannah East will emerge as a preeminent business address, not simply because of its architectural appeal, but also because of its functional and responsible design and operation. Its floor plans are flexible enough to allow tenants the freedom to create workspaces that are productive, inspiring, and functional – workspaces that actually work to meet corporate needs as well as the needs of the individual.

RGM is proud to introduce Savannah East.

Savannah East – a signature address, with modern design and technology, located on the Queen’s Park Savannah, the hub of the capital


Savannah East will be a true green building. It has been proven that people work more productively in spaces that are uplifting, comfortable, and “green”.

This new flagship building will be the most efficient and environmentally responsible commercial address in the country. In considering Savannah East, any organisation choosing to occupy the building will instantly signal to the business and wider community, a commitment to a level of social and corporate responsibility that is unquestionable and unprecedented.

RGM has targeted LEED certification for Savannah East. LEED, an acronym for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a globally recognised, third-party certification, which verifies that a project is designed, built and operating sustainably - the way it was intended. It is a green building certification programme that acknowledges best-in-class building strategies and practices. To receive LEED certification, building projects must satisfy rigourous prerequisites and adhere to specific process and design requirements towards different levels of certification. The process is independently assessed by the US Green Building Council and credits differ for each rating category. This allows developers to choose the best fit for their project.

Savannah East will be a true green building. It has been proven that people work more productively in spaces that are uplifting and comfortable: employees take fewer sick days, there is less staff turnover, and profitability and efficiency trend at increased levels. Factor in the benefits of lower utility demands, more efficient function and enhanced amenities that a green buildingoffers, and the advantages of having a reduced environmental footprint compare well against any costs.


Feel Secure

Security is a critical consideration not only in today’s society but specifically in modern commercial environments. RGM understands this responsibility and we have, in this regard, taken a comprehensive, robust, and discreet approach to ensuring the safety and security of our occupants and their guests as well as the physical assets that occupy our sites.

With this in mind, Savannah East will build on the vigourous security protocols and infrastructure already in operation throughout the RGM portfolio of buildings. RGM tenants and their visitors will experience enhanced levels of security, but with the non-intrusive discretion expected of an A-class facility. Through an integrated surveillance camera network, the facility perimeter, every exterior building entrance point, all interior lobbies, the underground parking areas, and the rooftop will be live-monitored 24/7 at RGM’s centralised Control Room. Multiple officers, all in direct contact with on-site security personnel and the central Control Room, will continuously man the property, so there will be no gaps in coverage, no lapse in attention, and a ready response capability.

Our security protocols also include roving response patrols that are trained and equipped to meet any challenge and respond to almost any event that may present itself. There will be an integrated smart access system with optical turnstiles and proximity access card readers for admittance to all floors and parking areas.

Because RGM appreciates that business often goes on around the clock for many of our tenants, there will be trained security officers permanently posted at the Savannah East location. This constant security presence ensures that the building can operate safely, night or day, and that its occupants can feel reassured.

The performance of security officers and their interaction with visitors and occupants of Savannah East must be proactive, courteous, and professional. Security teams are often the first engagement with the public – this first impression must be a positive one. Through ongoing proprietary customer service training, RGM is committed to delivering not just the safest, but the best, most professional and courteous service experience for tenants and visitors to Savannah East.

RGM annually conducts comprehensive fully independent safety audits on all our properties. We maintain an in-house security resource, who is a former member of the protective services, and we conduct semi-annual security reviews of all RGM properties.

RGM’s objective is to provide the highest level of vigilance and response and remove the concern of safety and security from the client, allowing our partners to focus on their functions.


Sustainable spaces, by design, should encourage personal health and wellness to the people that occupy those spaces.

There are inherent advantages to health and wellness that come with being located around the Queen’s Park Savannah, which has been at the centre of national well-being for decades. Runners, cyclists, footballers, cricket players and other sports enthusiasts frequent the Savannah on mornings, afternoons, and weekends. The location of Savannah East therefore makes it an ideal starting point to incorporate physical activity into a daily routine.

As an incentive to promote a healthier lifestyle, RGM will provide locker and shower facilities, allowing tenants’ staff to take full advantage of the building’s easy access to running paths, fitness areas, and sporting activities. Savannah East also offers a gym facility on the roof of the building for the exclusive use of its occupants. RGM will maintain the facility, which will be available to tenants’ staff members at a nominal cost. The gym will focus on cardiovascular training with several options of modern exercise equipment.

There is also space on the rooftop level earmarked for aerobic exercise, yoga, or similar physical activities. The bonus is that anyone choosing to exercise outdoors will enjoy a panoramic view extending from the Northern Range across Port of Spain, all the way to the Gulf of Paria in the west of the island.

Safety is also crucial in the day-to-day maintenance and operation of our Savannah East building. RGM employs a comprehensive Control of Work and Permit to Work policy for all works that are conducted on all of our sites. This is to ensure that all work activities are performed in accordance with a safe work practice and do not present any unmanageable risk to the visitors and occupants of the facility.

Finally, RGM performs semi-annual safety audits on all of its properties.